Game Mart is the official distributor of the Gamers Mouse.

The Gamers Mouse is not just a mouse, is the right tool on your hands. It's the weapon of choice for gamers seeking a combination of comfort, better grip, and gaming precision. Its ergonomic shape delivers ease of use and enhanced control. It allows for customization of game play and its adjustable side buttons give easier access to critical keys and macros.
Its unique innovation merges a wireless mouse, game joypad, and PC remote control into a single tool that creatively reforms on the conventional PC mouse. By using macro definition and custom application settings, you can easily customize the Gamers Mouse as a 7 key wireless mouse, a wireless game joypad, or a multimedia PC remote control. Whether using office applications, multimedia navigations or your favorite action game, the Gamers Mouse excellent performance will bring you immeasurable joy & satisfaction.

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